Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heart Broken :(

I tried to give you my all
But my gestures you declined.
So as my heart wilted
And went up in smoke
You smiled
That ever charming smile.
I felt a glimmer of hope
Then you laughed
Leaving me foolish
And broken.
Just a footprint in the sand
Waiting to be washed away.
I’ll crawl under my rock,
Praying for the sun to come.
And as it warms my back
I think of you
And what we could’ve been.
Would it have been different
If I was blessed with
Elegance and beauty.
Would things be different then?
I threw a stone at my reflection
In hope that it would change.
But as the the water rippled then settled.
The picture stayed the same.
Pitiful and plain.
I see you on the horizon.
I see you in the moon.
But I cannot see you next to me anytime soon.

Will remember you till I die!
Miss You and Love You!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Present!

My 750GB Ext. HDD Present! ^^V
Besties at Shogun, One Utama
Dinner with Bestie at Shogun, One Utama

I had get a 750GB Ext. Hdd......
Feel so happy! Tomorrow is my actual day of my birthday! hope i will get more present!
N last Thursday I had Dinner with my Besties at Shogun, One Utama!
The food there is sucks but the moment with the bestie is very happy and fun!

p/s: Thanks for attending my birthday dinner! Feel so happy and appreciate with you guys! Having a good times with you guys!
Friendship forever!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Things Happen Again and Again and Again..........

It's Happen again~
I don't know what to do now!
I lost my direction, where is the pathway i used to walk?
Which is the right direction?
Everyone live happily and peacefully!
Why I have to suffer all this??

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Just Back from Movies "Ghost Must Be Crazy"
A Singapore's movie which is quite funny!
enjoying the show tonight! hope my day will be as happy as now!
hope everything go smooth!
God Bless Us!
Good Luck!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sudden Post~

Feel so pressure and stress!
this is the only place i can shout all my pressure and stress!
had gone through a lot of sad case this week!
does my life have to go through all this sad case non-stop??
i don't know what to respond when I have some trouble!
i don't even know how i going to solve the problem!
maybe the time can go through everything and prove it!

i admit my anger is much more bad than other people!
but if i never shout out my anger! will i be a non emotional person??

i had deactivated facebook with a reason that i cannot accept by myself also!
hope that i can stop facebook and run out of this full of technology world which will make trouble to me! hope everything will be fine~

Good Luck to me!
Don't give up when they is a chance for me to keep~
I Love You!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its Very Long Time Ago!

Since February until now i didn't update my blog!
what is BLOG to me?
I also don't know!
Maybe is a place which i can shout out my sadness and pressure??
I think so! Because my blog is only view by myself!
I don't even bother who is reading this!
Seriously! My life sometimes I feel it is fucking sucks!
But sometimes I feel it is full of Happiness!
Is this the life which everyone will go through??
I don't know what means by LIFE!
Why is Life have to suffer all those sadness, angry, pain and hurting! and even DEATH!
Why don't GOD create a LIFE for HUMAN which is full of Happiness??
Is already 1 year plus I stay at KL! Life here is just like killing me!
Sometimes I love KL so much but sometimes I love Kampung!
I feel so weird! when I feel like to stay at Kampung, does it mean that I want to run off something??
I don't even know what myself is thinking!

Hope everyone found their LIFE!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Very Nice Wedding~

Last weekend, I had went to my cousin wedding ceremony. Is a very nice and grand wedding. I help my uncle to done everything because he was a bit not feeling well. I can meet all my cousin and my uncle aunty. So long time never feel that i was so happiness cause i had very close cousin and also uncle aunty.

Congrats to Andrew and Vivian.
Hope both of you have a very wonderful and full of happiness Husband & Wife.